Financial and administrative management

Gesma… peace of mind!

A Clear Portrait of the Situation

The goal is to exercise control over the assets and operations of your properties and especially to ensure that accurate information is available for you at all times in order to help you make enlightened decisions.


Financial Statements and Periodic Reports

Financial statements, along with a comprehensive report will be sent to the owners of the immovable either monthly or quarterly. A comparative analysis with comments will highlight any key budget discrepancies over the previous quarter.

Each report will present the highlights of the period summarizing the key components of our mandate:

  • Current and projected occupancy rates.
  • Our evaluation of the situation in the region (occupancy rates, rental values).
  • The major problems encountered in collecting rent, if applicable.
  • The efforts to lease vacant properties.
  • Our evaluation of the state of the immovable:
  • Janitorial services – facilities
  • Major repair work to be planned


Accounting Records

Qualified personal will take charge of the bookkeeping for each of your immovables. Your records will be kept in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in Canada.