Maintenance and repairs

Gesma… peace of mind!

Safeguarding your assets

Immobilière Gesma inc. is committed to the good health of your real estate assets. Protecting your assets includes all the measures that would be part of our mandate to safeguard and increase the value of your real estate investment.


Janitorial Services

  • Hiring and supervising experienced, dedicated and available janitorial personnel: one of the key elements.
  • Regular evaluations of the state of your immovable.
  • Implementing practical measures designed to ensure quality janitorial services at the most economical cost.
  • A comprehensive, detailed and written description of janitorial tasks.
  • Co-ordination and control of tenants moving in and out.

Maintenance and repairs

  • Establishment of a preventive maintenance program and recommendations to owners that are prepared based upon regular assessments of the state of the building.
  • Preparation of estimates, specifications and contracts via calls for tenders from reputable suppliers for all major work.
  • Control and follow-up of the performance of maintenance work.
  • Regular evaluations of the quality of snow removal, landscaping, garbage removal, extermination services, etc.
  • Inspection and regular evaluations of the state of all prevention equipment and of their compliance with government norms.
  • Inspection, evaluation and regular preventive maintenance of all electrical and heating equipment and facilities.
  • Adoption of appropriate measures to save energy.